EU moves to outlaw the word “mankind” because it starts with “man” … the entire English language is being obliterated by libtards

Liberal dogma now dictates that words beginning with the letters “m-a-n” are now “gender-biased” tools of the patriarchy which must be criminalized — at least in the European Union. The EU has decided to ban the use of “gender-biased” words and will be moving towards more gender neutral language. The outlawing of gender-specific language and more is all part of the new paradigm laid out in their new guide, Gender Neutral Language In The European Parliament.

The policing of language is soon going to reach its apex — and it’s not going to be pretty. Language has a powerful effect on the way we think and feel. The erasure of male identity in language signifies a much greater problem than just battling so-called gender bias. Recall Ayn Rand’s Anthem, a dystopian fiction novel in which the notion of individuality has been erased entirely; gender-specific pronouns are not used. There is no “I,” only “we.”

Perhaps it sounds a bit far-fetched, but every path begins with a single step — including the path to tyranny. Outlawing male identity and gender-specific language in government is only the beginning. And while the English language is being obliterated, identity and individuality may just be going down with it.

Thought police now banning words

As Daily Mail reports, the EU is now going to censor common words and phrases like “manpower” or “mankind,” and replace them with more “gender-neutral” terms. Feminists and liberals the world over are applauding this move as a step toward equality, among claims that words that start with “man” are inherently biased.

Words cannot be biased. They can be used to express bias, but as non-thinking, non-feeling inanimate entities, it is literally impossible for a word to be biased. Saying the word “manpower” is biased against women is no different than saying my coffee table is biased against women. People are biased; not words.

The notion that certain words are “biased” isn’t new; there are even articles out there on “gender bias” in job descriptions. It’s worth noting that even the writers of such articles are forced to admit that the words themselves are not biased; it’s just that women and men tend to perceive words differently. Perception is not proof, however.

Language is a powerful tool

Ironically, the EU’s Gender Neutral Language In The European Parliament guide notes that language is an immensely powerful thing. The way in which we speak “reflects and influences attitudes, behaviour and perceptions.” While the EU document charges that a “gender-neutral/gender-fair/non-sexist use of language, so that no gender is privileged, and prejudices against any gender are not perpetuated,” there is a flip-side to this equation that is not being discussed.

Gender is closely tied to one’s identity as a person. The slow erasure of gender in our everyday language can, and will, erode individualism and sense of self. While the powers that be say they are increasing “equality” through neutrality, what they aren’t saying is they want us all to be equal slaves.

When the call to enforce gender-neutral language is paired off with the other atrocities taking place around the world today, it becomes clear that there is a much more sinister plan at play. Indeed, if the globalists have their way, we’ll all soon be a herd of genderless, mindless sheeple who are unable to defend ourselves or fight back.

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